Arduino Controlled Espresso Machine

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Shortly after buying my espresso machine (Quickmill Andreja Premium) the control panel burned out. I bought it used so it did not have a warranty. Replacement Gicar control boards cost around $250, and the functions are pretty simple so I decided to build my own using an Arduino.

The control board monitors the float switches in the water reservoir and the water level probe in the boiler. The temperature of the boiler is controlled using the pressurestat.

The upper float switch triggers an audible alarm. The lower float switch shuts off power to heating element to keep it from burning out. The water probe triggers the water pump and actuated valve to fill the boiler.

Warning: This project involves electricity, high heat, and water/steam. I am posting the project for educational use only. I will not be held liable for damages and/or injuries resulting from reproducing this project.

You can find the arduino code here:

Opened the case to check the control board

You can see the burned out transistors at the bottom of the board.

The basic setup for the new controller. Arduino Uno, 4 channel relay board, piezo buzzer, and power supply.

Here is a video testing the arduino setup:

Arduino and relay board wired in place.

Back online and ready to brew.